Say It Right 3.0

A multimedia course
DVD + book

  • self-study of English pronunciation
  • an advanced didactic tool
  • over 50,000 audio recordings
  • sound animations and video sequences

Say It Right is recommended to the students of The School of English at Adam Mickiewicz University as the basic didactic tool for learning pronunciation. This fully interactive course can be used as a complete course for teaching pronunciation and vocabulary or as a supplement to any given English course at all levels of proficiency. Say It Right is also a complex tool which can support English teachers as well as any self-study of phonetics or vocabulary.

Thanks to an innovative approach (click and listen) the course gives the teacher and the individual user an extensive choice of exercises and allows it to be adjusted to the student’s proficiency level: either beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Program highlights:

  • Index - a search engine that allows you to find any word used in the program, listen to its British or American recording and automatically go to the page that contains this word.
  • Over 50,000 audio files , including words, phrases and alliterative real-life sentences. All recordings by trained British and American speakers.
  • The choice between British and American variety of English.
  • Contemporary vocabulary and natural examples from all walks of life, with special focus on words commonly mispronounced by Polish users of English.
  • Common English first and last names, geographical names, brand names, popular proper nouns.
  • 5,000 most commonly used English words with descriptions and examples of pronunciation. Translations of all words, phrases and sentences.
  • Clear descriptions of all British and American sounds, including simple articulatory instructions.
  • Video sequences demonstrate the correct articulation of all sounds.
  • Realistic, scalable, colorful animations show tongue movements inside the mouth and demonstrate the correct articulation, as well as the differences between the sounds of English and the corresponding sounds of the native language.
  • The option to record the student’s pronunciation and compare it to that of the native lecturer allows for monitoring one’s progress.
  • Friendly interface and intuitive navigation turns learning into pleasure.
  • For the first time extensive lists of homophones (words with identical pronunciations but different spellings), homographs (words with different pronunciations but identical spellings), words which are often confused, prefixes and suffixes, words with silent letters, foreign words, words with troublesome pronunciations, and false friends .
  • Index allowing a quick word search in an extensive vocabulary database
  • Rich word formation database which teaches vocabulary in a variety of ways
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